Network doctor

  • Traffic management and analysis
  • Quality survey of your radio coverage
  • Radio settings expertise
  • Frequency planning
  • Network performance and quality audits
  • Quality and cost optimisation of transmission networks

Radio & Transmission

photo-bd (4)

  • Radio network and transmission planning
  • Applicant site radio approval
  • Defining site transmission and radio engineering rules
  • SDH, PDH, ATM, WDM network architecture and sizing
  • LOS study (Survey FH)
  • Pre-integration site commissioning
  • Project management and leading
  • Roll-out management

Drive test

  • GSM, UMTS, LTE, TETRA site qualifying analogic measurements
  • Radio coverage verification digital measurements
  • Operator benchmarking measurements
  • FM sync, FM radio broadcasting simulation measurements
  • MOS automatic measurement


  • Measurements to assess DTT reception.
  • Check that in the area, the antennas are facing the right signal (if not the case, plan additional complementary measurements)
  • Carry out field measurements received in the area.


  • Measurement of changes to quality as experienced by the customer
  • Multi-service measurements (voice, data)
  • Benchmarking measurements
  • Automatic or manual measurements


  • Survey and assistance with project management
  • Technical assistance in drafting tender documents and sifting through applications
  • Technical assistance in responding to a call for tenders